“My vision for Fresno is a Fresno where everyone has access to opportunity regardless of which part of the city they’re from. I’m running for mayor because I want to address the underlying issues affecting our community. It’s time we end the cycle of band-aid solutions and address the root of the problems to create a safer, fairer, more prosperous Fresno.”

Prioritizing Homelessness

“We can no longer continue to criminalize the homeless– it’s time for a bold, new approach.”
  • If we prioritize the issue of of homelessness, it has the ability to transform our city.
  • We need to build and strengthen public-private partnerships that will address the issue head on.
  • We can engage business leaders to help with this as the reduction of homelessness is in their best interest.
  • We need infrastructure and high-wage jobs for the modern economy that will give every person the opportunity to live with dignity.
  • Adult education programs and workforce development are vital in reducing homelessness.
  • Each person should have access to a pipeline for a good quality of life.
  • We need to remove the barriers and aspire to more.
  • We need a Fresno we can ALL be proud of.

Community-focused safety

  • Community leaders in each district have the best perspective on how to work with law enforcement for the needs of their area.
  • Families should all feel safe in their homes and in their neighborhood. They should never fear being profiled or targeted.
  • We need to give the police department the resources they need to better serve and protect our community – that starts with more support staff and updated technology.
  • Gun violence should be addressed with community-based solutions.
  • We need to increase awareness of other services available, such as 311, so that our 911 lines aren’t the primary call for non-emergencies.
  • We need to put policies into play that will allow police officers to interact more with the communities they serve outside of the traditional law-enforcing. They should be seen as members of the community by the community.

Healthy Housing and Public Spaces

  • Our senior and youth communities need safe places to thrive  and play in. We can do this by investing in not only parks but also libraries which have the potential to become community gathering centers.
  • All families should have the opportunity to live in a healthy home— whether they rent or own — where they feel secure.
  • We need code enforcement to make sure that rental property owners are maintaining properties to livable standards.
  • We need to regulate warehouses in our neighborhoods that may be further polluting the area and worsening the health of our residents.